Surrender by Serena Grey

Surrender (A Dangerous Man #4)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-No Kink
Series-A Dangerous Man #4
Reviewed by Kay
109 pages

This is the conclusion to David and Sophie Preston’s story.

Sophie is heartbroken over her separation from David, even though she is the one who asked for the separation. His failure to tell her that he loved her was bad enough but to say it was always just sex between them was pouring salt in the wound. Sophie just wanders through her life. She works, goes home and goes to bed. She goes and gets coffee everyday before work. She’s sees the boy who lived next door to her when she was growing up. David said that this boy, Eddie, was in love with Sophie. Sophie never even considered Eddie as anything more than a friend.

Sophie caves and calls David. They have an awkward conversation and she hangs up. David later shows up at her work and takes her to dinner. They have a hot night of sex but nothing really changes. She still loves him and he most say if he loves her. She agrees to a drink with Eddie as just friends and this doesn’t end well because David is waiting outside her apartment.

This book was just okay for me. I got really sick of David being a pussy about his childhood. I get that he had a bad childhood but as a grown man, he has to be accountable for his actions. He finally admitted that he loved her but by that time I had a bad taste in my mouth because of him.

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