Once Upon A Billionaire by Jessica Clare

Once upon a Billionaire (Billionaire Boys Club, #4)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-No Kink
Series-Billionaire Boys Club #4
Reviewed by Kay
261 pages

I had such high hopes for this book when I first started it. I love Jessica Clare books. It had a billionaire, a down on her luck but strong heroine, great sexual tension and a decent, if not far fetched premise. These are great things in a romance story but at sixty percent in it all fell apart for me.

Griffin, the hero, is a billionaire who belongs to a secret society of friends and a Viscount in his native country. He has to go home to his homeland for a family wedding. A royal family wedding. He would rather do anything other than that but family is family. His assistant comes down with the chicken pox and can’t go with him. One of his friends’ wives, who he doesn’t get along with, offers him her husband’s assistant for the trip. He’s desperate, so he agrees.

Maylee is from Arkansas and the first person in her family to go to college and get a degree. She sends part of her paychecks back home to her family to give them a somewhat better life. She lives in an unsecured building in a hovel of an apartment. She doesn’t have much but she’s content with her life. When she gets the chance not only to earn doubletime but to travel, she’s so very excited.

When these two meet, Griffin is a total asshat. He insults her at every turn even knowing that he desperately needs her help. To make matters even worse, he becomes attracted to her and still continues to belittle her. This happens through most of the book. At about sixty percent, I’d made my mind up that there would be no redemption for him in my eyes. Not even Jessica Clare’s writing could make him likeable. Maylee was a precious heroine and I cried for her several times while reading this book. She was the one bright spot in this story. If you can stand a constantly cruel hero, give it a try.

Hidden Ecstasy by Setta Jay

Hidden Ecstasy (Guardians Of The Realms, #0.5)            


Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-No Kink
Series-Guardians of the Realms #0.5
Reviewed by Kay
35 pages

What do you get when you take a son of the goddess Athena and a Guardian of the Realm? It could be a new paranormal series for me to read.

Vane, the son of Athena is a Demi-god trying to stay hidden in the human world. You see, the Gods were put to sleep for their sins in the immortal realm. He and his siblings fight for humans, to keep them safe and hide out. He’s been enjoying a very sexual relationship with Brianne, who is a Guardian for centuries. Neither view the other as their mate but definitely enjoy each other’s company. Their protection of the humans is in the form of fighting human trafficking. This is a purpose very near and dear to his sister’s heart.

In this short snippet of a story, Vane and his siblings are trying to rescue a young girl who was kidnapped because of her father’s wrong doings. They track her down and rescue her and I think this will set the scene for the other books in the series. I enjoyed this story. It was easy to follow, a little exciting and a whole lotta steamy. Vane is an alpha male who’s just hot as can be. There’s not a whole lot of story regarding Brianne but I’m hoping for more as the series goes on. I’d love to really get into another paranormal series and I’m kind of excited this might be one.

Rock the Heart by Michelle A. Valentine

Rock the Heart (Black Falcon, #1)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-No Kink
Series-Black Falcon #1
Reviewed by Kay
330 pages

If you thought you couldn’t have both, which of the following would you choose?

1.) Stay with your struggling musician first love?


2.)Go on to college and get a degree to provide financial stability?

Lanie Vance chose the second. It broke her boyfriend’s heart and her in the process. Now four years later she’s a marketing intern being given her first big chance and her past just slapped her in the face.
Her assignment is to secure her firm to do the marketing for the rock band, Black Falcon’s favorite charity. Noel Falcon, the band’s front man, is the man whose heart she broke.

Noel can’t believe it when he looks down into the crowd at one of his concerts and sees Lanie. He’s never stopped loving her but tried to move on by excessive drinking and man-whoring. But none of that could erase Lanie from his memory. He doesn’t handle seeing her very well. He dedicates the song Ball Busting Bitch to her on stage and later, when she comes to see him about the charity, he has two topless blondes on his lap.

Noel is a really good guy. Almost too good for my tastes but he loves himself some Lanie. To have the chance to reconnect with her is like a second lease at life for him. Lanie has always worried about her place in Noel’s world. As secrets and insecurities threaten to tear them apart again, you see two people who never stopped loving each other get their much deserved second chance.

This book has been sitting on my Kindle TBR list for a long time. I’d see it and think, Yeah I need to read that and then promptly forget about it. Now I could kick myself because I waited so long. This is a good book with second chance love and steamy sex. It reads easily and captures your heart.

Favorite quote of the book:

“The only mistake when it comes to love, is not going for it.”