Once Upon A Billionaire by Jessica Clare

Once upon a Billionaire (Billionaire Boys Club, #4)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-No Kink
Series-Billionaire Boys Club #4
Reviewed by Kay
261 pages

I had such high hopes for this book when I first started it. I love Jessica Clare books. It had a billionaire, a down on her luck but strong heroine, great sexual tension and a decent, if not far fetched premise. These are great things in a romance story but at sixty percent in it all fell apart for me.

Griffin, the hero, is a billionaire who belongs to a secret society of friends and a Viscount in his native country. He has to go home to his homeland for a family wedding. A royal family wedding. He would rather do anything other than that but family is family. His assistant comes down with the chicken pox and can’t go with him. One of his friends’ wives, who he doesn’t get along with, offers him her husband’s assistant for the trip. He’s desperate, so he agrees.

Maylee is from Arkansas and the first person in her family to go to college and get a degree. She sends part of her paychecks back home to her family to give them a somewhat better life. She lives in an unsecured building in a hovel of an apartment. She doesn’t have much but she’s content with her life. When she gets the chance not only to earn doubletime but to travel, she’s so very excited.

When these two meet, Griffin is a total asshat. He insults her at every turn even knowing that he desperately needs her help. To make matters even worse, he becomes attracted to her and still continues to belittle her. This happens through most of the book. At about sixty percent, I’d made my mind up that there would be no redemption for him in my eyes. Not even Jessica Clare’s writing could make him likeable. Maylee was a precious heroine and I cried for her several times while reading this book. She was the one bright spot in this story. If you can stand a constantly cruel hero, give it a try.

Love Letters Volume 5: Exposed

Grade: C
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: Mild Kink
Genre: Contemporary, Novella
Published: 9/9/13
Reviewed by Anne
44,000 words
I went into this thinking the collection would be about voyeurism, which wasn’t the case with every story.  They had more to do with being on display/exposed, though there was some voyeurism.  The first two stories were ok. I LOVED the 3rd one by Christina Thatcher.  The fourth one started off great but then gave me book rage. So, it was a mixed bag for me.
R is for Reality by Ginny Glass is about a camera woman who convinces a cab driver to come audition for a part to get her out of hot water.  Their chemistry was good, but I was surprised by the pacing of the story, which jumped over large gaps in time.  Overall it was just ok for me. (C)
S is for Scandalous by Emily Cale had the exact opposite pacing problem for me.  I felt like I had mental whiplash due to how fast the characters’ relationship moved.  Kacey takes a job where she will lie nude and be the serving platter for a meal of sushi.  Austin shows up and recognizes Kasey.  He goes to see her after the meal when she is changing.  Even though their teenage friendship/crush didn’t survive Austin leaving for college, they pick up like they’d spent the intervening years dreaming of getting back together.   And despite the years apart, they act like they know each other extremely well.  It just didn’t work for me (C-)
T is for Tango by Christina Thatcher was the standout read in this collection!  Sonia is a secretary at Adam’s company.  Once a week he catches her changing clothes… at her desk.  He doesn’t know what to make of it, but he’s enthralled.  Then he realizes she’s doing it on purpose, for him.  This just worked on every level for me.  (B+)
U is for Undone by Maggie Wells started out really promising.  When the power goes out, Alec sees Sophia, a co-worker he’s admired.  She’s lighting candles in her apartment and taking off her clothes.  He can’t help but watch and he’s shocked when she makes eye contact with him and he realizes she knew he was watching the whole time!  This beginning worked very well for me.  Unfortunately, what came next was rage-inducing.  I don’t want to ruin the story, so I’ll just say that Alec was very controlling about how their relationship would move forward.  This frustrated Sophia, but ultimately she doesn’t complain and just moves forward in the way Alec dictates.  I felt like Alec was playing mind games with Sophia, but that’s not the tone of the story.  I think we’re supposed to think it’s sweet that he wants to get to know her and take things slow.  It just didn’t work for me. (D)

Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Styxx (Dark-Hunter, #23)
Hotness Level-Blaze
Kink Level- Moderate Kink
Series- Dark-Hunter #23
Genre-Paranormal Romance
Reviewed by Kay
836 pages

Back many months ago when I read the blurb for this book, my heart raced. I’ll admit I was a little tentative about a book featuring Styxx, but the blurb says that we only know half of the story. If you don’t want to read a review with spoilers stop now.
Here’s a little refresher on this very long series. Styxx is the identical twin to Acheron except for the eyes. They shared a womb even though they were not blood related. I’m not going to summarize all the details to Ash’s (Acheron) conception and subsequent birth. Just know that Ash was put in a queen’s womb who was already pregnant as a way to protect Ash from those who were hunting him. See, Ash is the son of the Destroyer and he can bring an end to the world.
In Ash’s book, we learn of his birth and life up until this point. He and his twin, Styxx hated each other. Ash was made to suffer atrocities that no one should suffer, especially a small child. We all developed a hatred so intense for the golden child, Styxx. But in this book, we realize that we only knew Ash’s story. Styxx’s story was in my opinion even worse. Not only was it over one hundred pages longer but it was almost double the size of Ash’s back story. A back story that had me either too stunned to cry or sobbing uncontrollably. I won’t say anything more about the back story other than you have to read it to truly know the story and the ultimate betrayals that take place.
The most beautiful part of this book is the love story between Styxx and Bethany. It was so precious and innocent. Styxx is the future king of his country and became a true war hero and a master strategist. His one and only true love was a blind girl who he met when she was fishing.
He didn’t realize that his love was really the Goddess of Misery as she didn’t realize he was Prince Styxx.
I don’t want to give away too much about the book. Just read it even though it is 836 pages long. It moves quickly and I devoured it in less than 48 hours. I’ll end this review with my favorite quotes from the book.
“Never once in my life did I feel the sunshine on my skin until the day you touched me.”
“And without my Bethany, I dwell in total darkness.”
“It’s not fair that we’re forced to live without them while the world goes on, oblivious to the fact that it’s missing the most vital part of it.”
“I let go of your hand eleven thousand, five hundred thirty nine years, one hundred and eighty three days and roughly ten hours give or take a few mintues ago.”
“You really did count the heartbeats.”
“Oh Beth, you have no idea.”
This time Styxx knew that nothing would ever separate them again. And if anyone or anything was dumb enough to try they were going to learn the lesson he had given both Archon and Apollo. Styxx of Didymos fought for what he wanted. He didn’t back down. He didn’t give up. He didn’t lose. Even if it meant coming back from the dead, he wouldn’t be stopped and he would never again live without his most vital part. Bethany.