Desired by the Deep by Lyra Fawn

Grade: B+
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: No Kink
Genre: shifter, menage, serial
Series: Claimed by the Alpha Dolphins, Part 2
Published: 8/16/14
Reviewed by Kate

In part 2, Lucan and Dario (princes of warring pods of dolphin-shifters) have found Mona, the descendant of Neptune that they’ve been searching for.  Now they have to get her safely back to their homes.  Of course, she has to choose between them as well.  Her choice will bring an end to the war between pods, will bring one pod under the rule of the other.  But Mona is attracted to both of them, and choosing one prince means the other must be killed.  Can she find a solution to end the war and keep both princes?

My favorite character is Dario at this point.  His princely superior-to-everyone attitude had me cracking up.  He tells himself he has to quit referring to her as “the human” and start using her name.  He gets frustrated when she doesn’t just recognize his princely aura.  Poor Dario.

Mona has become quite a firecracker.  She’s been on the run with the princes for a few days and everything’s been overwhelming, but some of her spunkiness is starting to return.  It was great to watch her butt heads with Dario and Lucan.

And the ending!  Talk about a cliff hanger.  I find myself stalking the author’s website, waiting for the release date of part three to be announced.  Come on, Lyra Fawn!  Write faster, please!

Have you been won over by the trend of serials yet?  Do you read them as they come out or wait for all the installments to be released and then read them back-to-back?

Bound to the Sea by Lyra Fawn


Grade: B-
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: No Kink
Genre: Paranormal, Shifter, Serial
Series: Claimed by the Alpha Dolphins #1
Published: 7/15/14
Reviewed by Kate

Two dolphin princes, a gang of murderous shark-shifters, and one little librarian with an over developed sense of curiosity.  Put all in a blender, mix well, and you’ve got the first book in this dolphin-shifter serial.

Lucan and Dario are princes from warring dolphin pods.  They have been exiled and sent to land to find a descendant of Neptune.  The Descendant will be able to finally bring an end to the dolphins’ war.  Mona has been drawn to the water all her life and spends a great deal of her time lying on the beach watching all the surfers.  It’s no surprise that she spots Lucan and Dario the minute they step on the beach. They just have an aura about them.  What is surprising is when, in the midst of a shark attack, she notices them shift into dolphins and drive the shark away.  What’s a girl to do?  She either has to follow them to see if they really did turn into dolphins or she will have to wonder the rest of her life.  Of course, she follows them.

I got a little excited when I read the title of this series.  Dominate dolphin shifters?!  Sign me up.  And I was not disappointed.  Lucan and Dario are both swoon-worthy princes.  Mona is impulsive and carefree.  I feel like her character has some growing to do, but this is only the first part of a serial, so I’ll cut her some slack.  I look forward to seeing where these characters go from here.

I do feel it worth noting that there are a few steamy sex scenes in this book, but no menage scenes…at least not in this installment.

I’m curious on two things though.

1.  I was ridiculously excited to read about dolphin shifters, is there type of shifter that you wish someone would write about?  Or a kind of shifter that you wouldn’t want to read about?

2.  The new fad of serial releases is starting to grow on me a bit.  How about you?  Are you a serial fan or not?


The Highest Bid by Joey W. Hill

Grade: A-
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: High Kink
Genre: BDSM, Contemporary
Series: Naughty Bits #4
Published: 7/15/14
Reviewed by Kate

When Madison inherited her sister’s lingerie shop, she met Logan-a Dom who owns the hardware store next door.  A while back, Madison told Logan about her secret fanatsy, and this final installment of the Naughty Bits series is when Logan decides to make that fantasy a reality.

I enjoyed this one a lot.  Madison finally, finally, finally starts to believe that it’s possible for her to have a realtionship with Logan, despite her numerous failed realtionships in the past.  As with the rest of the installments, this one is best read in privacy.  Your face will flush and your heart will race (among other things) while reading the sex scenes.

I wish it hadn’t ended as abruptly as it did.  I would have loved to see an epilogue or at least a few more chapters.  I left the book feeling happy for Madison and Logan but wondering how long it could really last for them.

If you like BDSM, this is a great series to try.  With a little bit of a lot of kinks thrown in throughout the series, there’s almost guaranteed to be something for everyone.  I, for one, can’t wait to go back and reread this entire series-one right after the other this time.

Joey W. Hill has been added to my BDSM authors to read.  Do you have any other BDSM authors you would recommend?