Desired by the Deep by Lyra Fawn

Grade: B+
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: No Kink
Genre: shifter, menage, serial
Series: Claimed by the Alpha Dolphins, Part 2
Published: 8/16/14
Reviewed by Kate

In part 2, Lucan and Dario (princes of warring pods of dolphin-shifters) have found Mona, the descendant of Neptune that they’ve been searching for.  Now they have to get her safely back to their homes.  Of course, she has to choose between them as well.  Her choice will bring an end to the war between pods, will bring one pod under the rule of the other.  But Mona is attracted to both of them, and choosing one prince means the other must be killed.  Can she find a solution to end the war and keep both princes?

My favorite character is Dario at this point.  His princely superior-to-everyone attitude had me cracking up.  He tells himself he has to quit referring to her as “the human” and start using her name.  He gets frustrated when she doesn’t just recognize his princely aura.  Poor Dario.

Mona has become quite a firecracker.  She’s been on the run with the princes for a few days and everything’s been overwhelming, but some of her spunkiness is starting to return.  It was great to watch her butt heads with Dario and Lucan.

And the ending!  Talk about a cliff hanger.  I find myself stalking the author’s website, waiting for the release date of part three to be announced.  Come on, Lyra Fawn!  Write faster, please!

Have you been won over by the trend of serials yet?  Do you read them as they come out or wait for all the installments to be released and then read them back-to-back?

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