A Bride for Eight Brothers by Abby Blake (The Complete Series)


Grade: C+
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: Moderate Kink
Genre: Futuristic, Sci-Fi
Series: The complete series, parts 1-6
Published: 2011
Reviewed by Kate

In a future world, the Davidson brothers go from planet to planet conducting environmental research.  One of the brothers rescues Mikayla Noone after she was abandoned to a life of prostitution by her fiancee.

This is a serial that I read for the first time quite a while ago, back when I was a new reader in the world of menage.  I picked up the first one because, seriously?!  Eight brothers!  How could I not at least give the first one a read through?  And like any good serial, reading the first one meant I had to read the next, and so on, and so on.  I find myself re-reading this serial every once in a while and decided it was finally time to write a review about it.  Because each one is fairly short, I decided to give an extremely brief description of each one instead of a full blown review.

The first one, Mikayla’s Men:
The one where you continually count brothers wondering why it’s called “A Bride for Eight Brothers” when there are only 7.

The second one Sweet Captivation:
The one where the eighth brother finally makes an appearance.

The third one Wild Fascination:
The one where the animals on the new planet cause the men to get horny.

The fourth one Keen Inclination:
The one where the reader is really bored.

The fifth one Hot Inspiration:
The one where they rescue an abused woman.

The sixth one Mikayla’s Family:
The one where an old enemy appears, but you’re assured of a Happily Ever After.

If you’ve read this series I would love to hear what you thought.  If not, tell me what’s the largest menage you’ve read about.

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