Why I Love Geeks by T.A. Chase

Grade: C
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: No Kink
Genre: Contemporary, m/m, police, nerd
Series: Why I Love… #1
Published: 3/6/11
Reviewed by Anne
140 ebook pages

I’m a sucker for nerd books, and the blurb for this one really sucked me in!  You’ve got Chuck, a homicide detective and technophobe who meets Herb, a talkative and super-smart scientist.  There’s instant attraction but not much in common – that’s a recipe for a good story as far as I’m concerned!  

Because I love the nerd trope so much, I’m willing to suspend a lot of disbelief.  Unfortunately, this story just pushed too far for me.  The set up was really awesome and I really enjoyed about the first half of the book.  Then it just got to be too much.  Little inconsistencies pulled me out of the story.  In one interaction Herb doesn’t know what a prostate is, but in the next he’s thinking about how much better that felt than what he’d read.  Another time he’s not sure what the lab normally looks like, and a few pages later he’s musing that the lab is kept compulsively clean.  Neither of those things is huge, but it was this kind of thing that kept pulling me out of the story – even though I didn’t want it to!  So, while in the beginning I could roll my eyes and accept what was being worked on in the lab, by the end I was just frustrated by the concept.

Herb is funny, and his verbal diarrhea made me smile.  Chuck was a character I loved, too.  A tough guy with a sweet side.  Chuck’s family was awesome!  I really wish I could have liked this one more.

Staking His Claim by Tessa Bailey

Staking His Claim (Line of Duty, #5)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-Mild Kink
Series-Line of Duty #5
Reviewed by Kay

Matt Donovan is a sniper with the ESU (police department). He’s a very solitary soul despite his friends constantly luring him to be more social. He keeps to himself because he feels if his friends find out what really goes on in his kind, they would think he’s a freak. He gets roped into transporting his best friend, Brent’s little sister and her friend to New York for a visit. He does it to be a nice guy beacuse Brent is busy with wedding plans.

Lily Mason is a little bit of a free spirit. Or atleast she used to be. She’s a college graduate with several job offers. Job offers she plans to put to good use to help her brother out financially. Her best friend decides to spend the weekend with her boyfriend instead of accompanying Lucy to New York. When she sees Matt Donovan she’s overwhelmed by him and extremely attracted. Matt has never seen a picture of her and she knows he would never make a play on his best friend’s little sister, so she introduces herself by her friend’s name.

Matt likes what he sees in Brent’s sister’s friend. A lot. She also sending the vibes he wants to explore with her. He’s hesitant because of his darker needs (his thoughts not mine). They have a scorching hot few hours together on their way to New York. But lies always come to the surface and Lucy’s blows up in her face. This leaves her wondering if they have a chance at being more than a fling.

To say I was disappointed to find out Matt had Dom tendencies would be an understatement. I’ve been waiting for his book. I didn’t hate the book but I didn’t love it. Let me say that it was easy to read which I have come to expect from Tessa Bailey. I’m not sorry I bought or read this book, it just wasn’t my favorite being that any BDSM storyline leaves me a little bit skeeved out. Still good characters, great humor, tremendous foul mouthed dialogue and scorching sex scenes. I can’t wait to see what she gives us next but please Tessa no more Dom related stuff.

Tempting Trouble by Savannah Stuart

Tempting Trouble

Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-No Kink
Reviewed by Kay
94 pages

This book had two short stories in it. The first one is the longer of the two.

First story: Tempting the Witness

Madison Dubois is a witness to an attempted murder and after going to the police, she goes to the house of her brother’s best friend, Rafe Jackson. Rafe is a police officer and the object of her desires.

Finding madison hiding at his house is unnerving for him but he’s really just grateful she’s safe. He arranges for her to stay with him until the case was solved.

This was a cute and hot little story. It had all the elements: attraction, suspense, hot sex and love.

Second story: Better Late Than Never

Randall Phillips is an architect in his father’s firm and he’s been waiting anfd wanting for Lindsay Taylor. Lindsay is a secretary at the same firm. She was recently injured and finally back at work.

Whe she got hurt, he took her to the hospital and waited for someone to come for her. During that wait, they share a hot kiss, a kiss Randall can’t forget. Neither can Lidsay but she knows it was a mistake because they work together. Randall gives her a ride home on her first day back because he wants more. More kisses surely but more everything also.

This story was super short but okay. The sex was hot but due to the story length it was hard to get invested in the characters. Overall, I enjoyed this book and I really liked the author’s voice. I would definately read more by her. This book was classified as erotica but it was more erotic romance to me.