Tempting Trouble by Savannah Stuart

Tempting Trouble

Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-No Kink
Reviewed by Kay
94 pages

This book had two short stories in it. The first one is the longer of the two.

First story: Tempting the Witness

Madison Dubois is a witness to an attempted murder and after going to the police, she goes to the house of her brother’s best friend, Rafe Jackson. Rafe is a police officer and the object of her desires.

Finding madison hiding at his house is unnerving for him but he’s really just grateful she’s safe. He arranges for her to stay with him until the case was solved.

This was a cute and hot little story. It had all the elements: attraction, suspense, hot sex and love.

Second story: Better Late Than Never

Randall Phillips is an architect in his father’s firm and he’s been waiting anfd wanting for Lindsay Taylor. Lindsay is a secretary at the same firm. She was recently injured and finally back at work.

Whe she got hurt, he took her to the hospital and waited for someone to come for her. During that wait, they share a hot kiss, a kiss Randall can’t forget. Neither can Lidsay but she knows it was a mistake because they work together. Randall gives her a ride home on her first day back because he wants more. More kisses surely but more everything also.

This story was super short but okay. The sex was hot but due to the story length it was hard to get invested in the characters. Overall, I enjoyed this book and I really liked the author’s voice. I would definately read more by her. This book was classified as erotica but it was more erotic romance to me.

All I Want is You by Elizabeth Anthony

Grade: C
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: No Kink
Genre: Historical, Erotica
Published: 10/22/13
Reviewed by Anne
336 pages
  This was under the “erotica” category at NetGalley, and it sounded interesting. Sophie is a maid at a big country house – it has a Downton Abbey vibe to it!  The visiting Lady Beatrice has a plan that includes Sophie seducing Lord Ashley, who Sophie has a mad crush on.  It sounded like such a great set up, and for about the first half I enjoyed it.  However, it is very Danielle Steele like, which doesn’t work for me, but it may work for her fans. It’s got a lot of angst. 

The story is focused on the heroine, Sophie and her personal journey, not the relationship between her and Ash.  I would not consider this story a romance, as I think a happily ever after ending is necessary in a romance.

At first I was pretty proud of Sophie and the decisions she was making to be true to herself, but it quickly turned I to a situation where she was cutting off her nose to spite her face! She ran from safety time and time again. Sophie she goes through a lot of tough times, yet continues to push away any help Ash would offer.  Some of her decisions had really awful consequences, but put in the same situation again, she made the same choice.  And in the end, the story just made me angry.

I do think the writing was solid and the editing was good. It just didn’t like the ending or the angst.

Flasher! by Elene Sallinger

Grade: B
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: No Kink up to High Kink
Genre: Contemporary, Erotica, Flash Fiction, BDSM, ménage
Reviewed by Kate

37 pages

This is a collection of flash fiction erotica, or extremely short stories. Most of the time we don’t know much about the characters back stories or how they met. There are no beginnings or endings, we are simply there with them at that moment in time. The six stories in this collection range from a hot and sweet after-boot camp reunion to crops and bondage. From strangers to masters and most things in between.

Elene Sallinger’s writing seared the pages and left my Kindle smoking. It felt like the stories were excerpts from books rather than just a collection of random scenes. My only complaint is that I now have six stories worth of characters that I want to know more about.

This was my first time reading any flash fiction.  It worked well for me as a quick break between book, although for some of the stories I really wanted to know more about the characters’ befores and afters.  Have any of you tried flash fiction? If so, what did you think?