#RT15 Tuesday

Today felt like the calm before the storm.  We got up this morning and walked about 10 minutes to have breakfast at Ellen’s Southern Kitchen.

I had scrambled eggs, loaded hashbrowns, and toast.  Yum!


It was a good breakfast and a nice price  – certainly nicer than the $17 breakfast buffet at the hotel, though I’ve heard that’s a pretty good buffet.

After that we headed back and picked up our badges at registration.  Mindy went to a blogger conference with Dear Author’s Jane and Smart Bitch Sarah.  She said it was excellent!  Rebecca and I spent a lot of the day reading, though we did go down and pick up our conference bags (full of swag!) and I also spent a significant amount of time packing our room fridge full of the food we brought in our cooler.  It felt like a major accomplishment for me!

This is the bag we got full of swag including a flashdrive from Smashwords with over 200 books! 


Above is my badge and the bag I brought from home.  I put some of my favorite pins from RT13 on it.


This is my favorite sign in the hotel lobby; it covers the entire wall!

Here’s the view from our hotel room.  Please note the highway to nowhere that I assume is under construction…


These last two pictures are the bathroom door.  I know, I’m showing my uncultured side, but I’d never seen a door like this on a bathroom!

At 5:30pm we went to our first official RT session – Cinema Craptastique.  


This is about the first half of the line waiting to get in at 5:25.

And here’s the view from halfway back.  It was a huge session adn hilarious.  We watched The Legend of Herculese and gave it a MST3K treatment with live commentary by Damon Suede (hilarious) and a live twitter feed on display next to the movie screen.   To make a good thing even better, Mindy, Rebecca and I each won books in the drawings they were doing!

After Cinema Craptastique, we went to the NA (New Adult) author’s College Games Party event, where got a really nice totebag with some swag inside.

On the left is the NA bag and on the right the Cinema bag.   

The NA party was giving away a lot of gift cards, but it was loud and crowded and we were hungry so we opted for heading back to our room.  I’m going to head to bed now – we’ve got an early workout session at 7am tomorrow I’m goign to try!

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