Anne’s Reading Goals for 2014

1. Finish reading Lorelei James’ Rough Riders series – I owe these to Kay because she’s listening to the In Death books, which I pushed on her.  (And now she’s really glad I did!!!)

2. Read 120 books – that’s not as many as Kay or Kate, but it would be a lot for me.  (Full disclosure: I hit 130 this year. I believe in attainable goals!)
3. Try books by Tessa Bailey and Kristen Ashley.  Apparently I’ve been missing out!
4. I’ll accept a one book challenge from Kay. (But no suspense!)
5. I’ll accept a one book challenge from Kate.

Finally, I want to thank Kay and Kate for picking up the reviewing when I started slacking off, and especially Kay for taking over some much of running the blog itself.  You guys rock!

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