Elf 2014 – Elf with the Domme


“So you’re hoping to spend some time with me, are you Elf?”

“Yes, Mistress Katrina.  If it pleases you, Mistress.”

“Very well done.  Let’s start out with your safeword.  Will STOCKING work for you?”

“Mistress, please may you give me a different word.  I sometime yell out ‘Stuff my stocking!’ in moments of… passion.”

“Very well, then.  What would work for you?”

“Can I use SNOWBALL, Mistress?”

“Very good.  SNOWBALL it is.  Now, which of my toys would you like to play with?  The whip, the rope, or my collared sub, Laura?”

07 elf KatClick below on Elf’s choice:



Laura, the sub

No, no, SNOWBALL, this is too much!

 If the links aren’t working yet, don’t worry, they’ll be available soon.  Until then, check out the Elf on the Dirty Girls’ Shelf from this year so far and the years past!

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