Elf 2014 – Elf with Katrina and her friend

“This one will be more fun with ropes, so you’ll be tied up.  And your mouth will be full, so slap the bed three times if you need to use your safeword.  Laura and I are going to have the rides of our lives!”

23 kat and f5

After Elf has satisfied Mistress Katrina and Laura, Mistress offers to play some more.  “Would you like to play more with the ropes?  Or we could get out my whip!”

Click on Elf’s answer:



No thanks!  I’m heading back to the party.

If the links aren’t working yet, don’t worry, they’ll be available soon.  Until then, check out the Elf on the Dirty Girls’ Shelf from this year so far and the years past!

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