Elf on the Dirty Girls’ Shelf 2014 – Choose Your Own Elf-venture!

Welcome to my favorite time of year!  As we countdown toward Christmas and the end of 2014 I have a lot of traditions I enjoy.  I cross my fingers for a snow day.  I work on my Best of 2014 book list.  I bake and eat more desserts than I should.  And I spy on our Elf.  The Elf on the Dirty Girls’ Shelf is quite a bit naughtier than the elf you might find spying on kids and reporting to Santa in most households.  Throughout the month of December we’ll be taking a look at what the Dirty Girls’ Elf is up to.  We’ve done it for the past two years.  This year will be a bit different, though.  This year you can choose your own elf-venture!  There will be a choice to make each day.  You may have to wait until that day shows up on the calendar to see what happens, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy Elf’s adventures!

So what’s Elf up to today?

01 Elf vibe


December 1, 2014 – After spending some quality time alone, Elf is ready to find some friends.  He finds himself at an exclusive party at the North Pole with several willing choices for companionship.  What kind of fun is Elf in the mood for?

Click on the people Elf chooses to spend time with:




Links will become live when the future posts go up.  While you’re waiting you can check out Elf’s adventures from the past years here.

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