Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

Beautiful Bastard (Beautiful Bastard, #1)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-None
Series-Beautiful Bastard #1
Reviewed by Kay

Bennett Ryan is the hero of the novel and he is a beautiful bastard. He’s attractive so that covers the beautiful part. He’s also a bastard because he’s is arrogant and an ass of the highest order. “Beautiful Bastard” is his assistant’s nickname for him.

His assistant and heroine of the book is Chloe. She works for him at his family owned media company as part of an internship for her college degree. She doesn’t have any family in the area, so the Ryans have taken her in to their family in a way. Bennett was over in France during that time so he really didn’t know her.

This novel is predominantly a collection of sex scenes with some story sprinkled in. Don’t get me wrong, I love sex scenes but I would’ve liked a little more story to go with them. The characters were kind of unlikable too. Bennett was an ass and Chloe was bitchy. Together they were explosive but hard to root for. Regardless, I did enjoy the book.

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