The French Kiss Chronicles (Deux, Trois, Quarte) by Em Petrova

Grade – B
Hotness Level – Inferno
Kink Level – Mild Kink (menage, no BDSM)
Genre – Contemporary
Reviewed by Kate

Deux (The French Kiss Chronicles)
Jane is happy in her relationship with her husband Ethan. But although she loves him deeply, she feels there is something missing fom her life. Or someone…Margot. Margot is in the same kickboxing class with Jane. Jane approaches her in the locker room after class one day and the encounter soon turns into an affair.
When Ethan finds out about Jane’s affair with Margot, he asks to join in. Margot is initially hesitant, but quickly comes around and welcomes him. The three enjoy not only hot sex but deep heart felt connections as well.
A few months later Margot meets Danny. While she enjoys her bond with Jane and Ethan, she is still going home to an empty house. An instant connection with Danny gives her hope for more. But will he be interested in joining Jane and Ethan in bed?

I went into this trilogy with high hopes and was not disappointed. The scenes were plentiful and steamy…and in almost any combination imaginable. Going into the first book, I knew that Jane started her affair with Margot despite being married. Jane knows that Ethan will be fine with it, but I was a bit disappointed that Jane didn’t discuss her desires with Ethan until after the fact. The other negative mark for me came when Margot begins her relationship with Danny. She knows that she is not willing to give up Jane and Ethan, but she waits until after Danny has declared his love and they’ve slept together to tell him about her other lovers. I enjoyed this series a lot and would recommend the stories to any menage romance readers.

**contains f/f, m/f/f, m/f/f/m, and m/m situations**

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