The Sevenfold Spell by Tia Nevitt

The Sevenfold Spell
Grade – B-
Hotness Level – Blaze
Kink Level – No kink

Genre – Fairytale
Series – Accidental Enchantments #1
Reviewed by Kate

When it is decreed that all spinning wheels in the country need to be destroyed (you recognize Sleeping Beauty here, right?), Talia and her mother lose their only source of income. But Talia loses a bit more. They are forced to use her dowry to fund the purchase of a loom as well as food for the pair of them. With her dowry depleted, her chance for marriage disappears.

Willard, a local farm boy, had agreed to marry Talia. But being a younger son and no longer having her dowry, the pair would not be able to survive. Willard’s father sends him to join the Church. Talia decides he shouldn’t leave without knowing a woman’s touch and the two engage in a three week affair that gives the town gossips something to talk about.

Failing to make a go of their weaving business, Talia and her mother craft an illegal spinning wheel. Then it is simply a matter of time before the curse comes to call. Can Talia change the course of the curse?

I don’t know that I would label this as a romance. While love does develop between Talia and Willard, it becomes more of a back story as Talia has many other affairs. Most of the story is about Talia’s place in the course of Princess Aurora’s curse and how Talia’s actions affect the outcome of the fairy tale.

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