Tempting Trouble by Savannah Stuart

Tempting Trouble

Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-No Kink
Reviewed by Kay
94 pages

This book had two short stories in it. The first one is the longer of the two.

First story: Tempting the Witness

Madison Dubois is a witness to an attempted murder and after going to the police, she goes to the house of her brother’s best friend, Rafe Jackson. Rafe is a police officer and the object of her desires.

Finding madison hiding at his house is unnerving for him but he’s really just grateful she’s safe. He arranges for her to stay with him until the case was solved.

This was a cute and hot little story. It had all the elements: attraction, suspense, hot sex and love.

Second story: Better Late Than Never

Randall Phillips is an architect in his father’s firm and he’s been waiting anfd wanting for Lindsay Taylor. Lindsay is a secretary at the same firm. She was recently injured and finally back at work.

Whe she got hurt, he took her to the hospital and waited for someone to come for her. During that wait, they share a hot kiss, a kiss Randall can’t forget. Neither can Lidsay but she knows it was a mistake because they work together. Randall gives her a ride home on her first day back because he wants more. More kisses surely but more everything also.

This story was super short but okay. The sex was hot but due to the story length it was hard to get invested in the characters. Overall, I enjoyed this book and I really liked the author’s voice. I would definately read more by her. This book was classified as erotica but it was more erotic romance to me.

Unattainable by Madeline Sheehan

Unattainable (Undeniable, #3)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-No Kink
Series-Undeniable #3
Reviewed by Kay
306 pages

This time we get Cage and Tegen’s story.

Cage is the heir to the MC throne for the Hell’s Horsemen. He’s so much like his dad it’s not even funny. His drinking and whoring definitely rival his father’s. He has always taken care of Tegen. He was her first true friend in the club. These two grew up together and Tegen fell in love with him at age eight and never fallen out of it. Cage is a hot guy, very very hot. Women love him and he takes full advantage of that they have to offer. Over and over again. He has issues with his father because of his childhood and they slowly fester.

Tegen being raised in the club was a horrible thing truly. Her mother was a club whore but only to one biker in particular. She watched her mother love someone who in my opinion never truly loved her. This has taken a toll on both mother and daughter. After high school, Tegen moves to San Francisco to start her career and get over Cage. His selfish and callous ways have hurt her far too much. She isn’t happy, she merely exists.

When Tegen is sucked back into club life you really feel for her because you know what it will once again cost her. She may have changed her looks but she can’t change who or what she is. Cage is there as usual but now he sees her in a different light. As a woman he wants. Can she handle it? This story was heartbreaking at times, just like the other stories in this wonderful series. You also get a story about Dirty and Ellie. Dirty is of course another biker within the club and Ellie is Danny’s friend from high school. Dirty’s story is horrific and their love story is a hot mess. But the way the author writes, just makes it precious. My big compliment on this book is that there is no cheating. Tegen is sleeping with a gut in the beginning but they weren’t committed. So, yay for me.

I can’t say enough about this series or it’s characters or this author’s writing. I’m all in and only hope I can stand it until the next book comes out!

Broken Hart by Ella Fox

Broken Hart (The Hart Family, #1)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-Mild Kink
Series-The Hart Family #1
Reviewed by Kay
209 pages

This book was very fun to read because the hero had a filthy mouth. I love a man with a filthy mouth.

Dante Hart is the oldest Hart sibling. He has a brother named Damien, twin sisters named Delilah and Dominique and his best friend, Spencer, who was basically raised with them. They are a very tight nit group. When Sabrina becomes his personal assisitant, the two become very good friends and start spending time with the rest of his family. Even Sabrina’s sister, Brooke is included.

Sabrina has crushed on Dante for a long time but knew she wasn’t his type, so she kept her feelings to herself. One night everything changes and they share a night of hot sex. Both are blown away by it. Sabrina knows to guard her heart because Dante is not a man to commit. They agree to have a sexual relationship only.

Feelings get too intense and Sabrina wants more. Dante says he can’t give any more. She agrees to be a friend only then, all the while she knows she will have to quit her job because she can’t watch him be with other people. We find out what happened in Dante’s past to make him think he is uncapable of committment.

I don’t know if I bought his reason but I was okay with it. This was a solid start to a series that I’ll probably read more of. I liked all of the characters and am interested to read their stories. My only complaint was there were copious amounts of sex that kind of over shadowed the story. Oh, and butt plugs. Shudder. I’ll leave you with some of my favorite lines from the book.

I’d never been with someone who talked or fucked like he did, and I didn’t just like it, I loved it.

I fucking love everything you do to me Sabrina. Every. Goddamn. Thing.

The man could fuck, and I loved it.