Elf 2014 – Elf and Kev with the purse

Not only does Kev have the cash from his sister’s purse, but he found her VISA, too!  She’ll be sorry for stealing all his edible underwear!

Elf and Kev head out to Macy’s and Elf finds an awesome new suit!

27a elf alone


Kev likes the suit so much he wants to try it on.  Elf thinks it looks best coming off of Kev!

27d kev stripper

Elf wants to try on Kev’s clothes.

27b kev trade clothes

After a short distraction they admire their new looks.

27c trade clothes 1

“I like these clothes, but I’d really like to try something a little more flashy on,” Kev suggests.  “Sure,” Elf agrees, “I’m up for anything!”

27e prom dresses

These dresses are spectacular!  But let’s try something for a walk in the garden!

27f pretty dresses

I want to take a walk in your garden!

27g elf goes down

After Elf and Kev finish in the dressing room, Kev wants to know, “Would you like to go out to eat or back to my place to try out that enormous tube of lube?”

Click on Elf’s answer:

Out to Eat


No more, I want to head back to the party.

If the links aren’t working yet, don’t worry, they’ll be available soon.  Until then, check out the Elf on the Dirty Girls’ Shelf from this year so far and the years past!






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