Six Brothers by Lili St. Germaine

Six Brothers (Gypsy Brothers, #2)


Hotness Level-Inferno?
Kink Level-No Kink
Series-Gypsy Brothers #2
Reviewed by Kay
100 pages

Oh, man! Why did I devour this so quickly?

Book two starts with the funeral of the eldest son, Chad. Dornan is miserable and devastated over the death of his son. He’s ready to go to war with whoever supplied Chad with the drugs that killed him. As Juliette/Sammi consoles him during his grief, she smiles on the inside. She’s giddy with happiness. It’s still very difficult to put my finger on what draws me to this series. I’m a romance reader and this isn’t really as romance. I mean I see one continue to develop between her and Jase but how screwed up will they both be by the end of all this?

My heart breaks with the flashbacks of first loves, horrific loss and this woman’s emotional and physical descent into the bowels of Hell. Seeing Dornan become more and more poised on the edge of lunacy is so extremely frightening. This book does some explaining as to the why of his obsession with Juliette/Sammi which was very helpful. As she sets her sights on Maxi, the next son in line she’s gonna kill, your heart pounds and your pulse races. Can she pull it off? And what will she have to sacrifice of herself to do it? How far in the quest of revenge will she go?

I was reading a great historical book when I found out this was available and I immediately put the other book on hold and started this one. I figured that since historical romances are a balm to my soul, I’d probably need it after this book. I finished this book with a heavy heart and a small sense of satisfaction for her character. I can’t wait for March 10th!

Two down, five to go.

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