Shipwrecked Seduction by Rosemary J. Anderson

Shipwrecked Seduction (MF)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-No Kink
Reviewed by Kate
Before we begin, please be aware that the publisher has tagged this book as “forced seduction.”
Jacob is a self-made billionaire and he holds Daisy’s father’s fate in his hands. When Daisy reluctantly approaches Jacob to help save her father, he agrees on the condition that she becomes his mistress.
This book has it all! We’re talking a virgin, a billionaire, a bargain, pirates, and a deserted island. How can this book fail?
I couldn’t get over the fact that Daisy, a 23 year old virgin, was quite schooled in the art of seduction. For being as sheltered as she was, I couldn’t help but wonder how exactly she knew so much. She falls for Jacob quickly, despite the nasty agreement. You’ve got to give a woman credit for being able to seperate mind-blowing sex from the contract she signed saying she has to provide sex.
Jacob was a rare billionaire that knew how to survive on a deserted island. I believe while attending the school of hard knocks he must have taken a course in survival, learning which things were edible and which things weren’t as well as how to construct a shelter with hardly any tools. He did ride the ass-or-not seesaw throughout the story. And generally ass-or-not seesaw riders are enough to make me hate a hero, but I honestly couldn’t get enough of Jacob.
If there was one thing that got on my nerves, it was both Daisy and Jacob’s attitude toward murder. Now I know that sounds funny and I’m not saying that they were pro-murder. It’s just that they were so anit-murder. We’re talking kidnapping, sex-hungry pirates. Jacob is prepared to kill Daisy if it comes down to it so she won’t have to suffer such a fate, but he’s not prepared to kill any of the pirates because that would be murder. They wouldn’t even think of killing any of the animals on the island for food.
Actually I enjoyed the crap out of this book. It’s one of those that I enjoyed more than I probably should have. I know it will be one that I will reread. If you enjoy reading about deserted islands, billionaires, virgins, and pirate villains, and you can ignore some outlandishness, give this one a try.

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