Mine To Keep by Cynthia Eden

Mine to Keep (Mine, #2)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-No Kink
Series-Mine #2
Genre-Romantic Suspense
Reviewed by Kay
280 pages

Where to start, where to start? I read the first book in this series and thought it was just okay. Let me say that I love Cynthia Eden whether it’s her paranormal books or her Deadly series. So, I was kind of disappointed with the first book. But this one was fantastic! I loved it in a BIG way.

Trace Weston is a former black-ops soldier, foster child and now a billionaire security specialist. Don’t let the billionaire thing turn you off. It totally worked in this book. He met Skye Sullivan in one of his foster homes and he saved her from an attempted rape. The two of them fell in love then. Then Trace disappeared for ten years. Skye went looking for him when she was being stalked and Trace helped her.

In this book it’s someone from Trace’s past in the military that is stalking them both. This book continues their love story and their struggles to overcome their pasts. Secrets are everywhere here. Skye wants Trace to open up about his past and he doesn’t want to for fear that she can’t handle the darkness that lives inside him if he tells her.

A lot went on in this story. Love, action, plot twists, new character introductions, heart pounding suspense and tons of hot sex. Really hot sex. Cynthia Eden has really hit her stride with this book. I simply can not wait until the next book comes out!

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