The Proposition by Katie Ashley

The Proposition
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-None
Series-The Proposition #1
Reviewed by Kay
316 pages

This is actually the second story in the series, the first part was a novella. Aiden Fitzgerald wanted Emma Harrison so bad. He wanted her so bad that he agreed to be her baby daddy just to get her into bed. Emma wanted a baby so bad she agreed. A contract was drawn up and the baby making began. What neither of them expected was to fall in love. Both try to fight it but you know what happened.

I love this series. I love the characters. Even Aiden the man-whore. Even Aiden the frustrator (okay, that might not be a word). Even Aiden the douche. I love Emma. I love Nate, Casey, Connor, Patrick and all the rest of the characters. I loved finding out more about Aiden’s past.

I highly recommend this series. It fun, hot, sweet and easy to read. Oddly enough, my favorite character in this series is dead. Travis. I wish he would have gotten his HEA but not with Emma. My only dislike, this was a cliffhanger.

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