The Party by Katie Ashley

The Party (The Proposition, #0.5)
Hotness Level-None
Kink Level-No Kink
Series-The Proposition # 0.5
Reviewed by Kay
44 pages

This is a prequel or prologue to The Proposition. It tells the story of how they met at a party and the loss that Emma has suffered. Emma, the strong business woman, meets Aiden Fitzgerald, the resident man-whore. He tries to pick her up and she turns him down.

Emma wants a baby in the worst way. She lost the man she loved and feels he was her shot at forever. She lost but she still wants to be a mother and talks her gay best friend into donating his swimmers for the cause.

I loved this novella and immediately put everything on hold and bought the first two books. I suggest this novella for anyone. I even love the cover! It doesn’t really match the description in the story but it makes me giggle.

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