Menage Monday – Ours To Love by Shayla Black

Ours To Love (Wicked Lovers, #7)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-High Kink
Series-Wicked Lovers #7
Reviewed by Kay
391 pages

Xander Santiago is the ultimate playboy, always looking for his next conquest, and always finding it.
He’s good looking, rich and great in bed, what more could a girl want?

Javier Santiago is a successful business man with an alcohol problem and a guilt trip. He’s also good looking, rich and in need of an intervention.

London McLane is an innocent twenty-five year old woman who is trying to finally start living her life. She’s pretty, full-figured and physically scarred from an accident ten years ago.

These three people come together and its hot like fire. Shayla Black does hot so very well. My problem was I never connected to the characters. I have always liked this series from Jack to Logan. I liked Xander in the last book but I never loved him.  When someone’s number is around five thousand? EWWWW! Javier was ridiculous about his late wife and him wanting Xander to have dominated her. London was the only saving grace. Her outlook on life just for the pleasure of being able to live was touching. I totally bought the story of her being a virgin. That worked well for me.

I think my biggest problem is the BDSM stuff. It’s not my favorite theme in romance at all. Not to mention the market is currently flooded with it. It’s exhausting. Truly. If you read this series, you’re gonna want to read this one too. It wasn’t bad I just never wanted to invest in the male characters. This book will not change my opinion of Shayla Black’s writing and I’m still a HUGE fan of hers.

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