Taken by Kelli Maine

Taken (Give & Take, #1)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-None
Series-Give&Take #1
Reviewed by Kay

Rachael DeSalvo has a chance at getting her dream job. She memorized everything she needed to know to land the job. She has the interview by webcam with the CEO and gets the job! You flash forward a little and she is out on the town celebrating with her friends. She sees a guy who looks familiar and he approaches her. He buys her a drink and then things go from fuzzy to black. She wakes up in a room she doesn’t know surrounded by things she doesn’t recognize. She does however recognize the man from the bar. She puts two and two together and realizes she was ruffied. Her captor is none other than the CEO of the company she interviewed with.

Merrick Rocha has been obsessed with Rachael since their interview and watched her from afar since she had to turn down the job. He is obviously very wealthy and used to getting what he wants. Her turning down the job she so desperately wanted intrigued him so much that he kidnapped her. He wants to possess her. Oddly enough, he also wants her help to re-do an old hotel they discussed at her interview.

Okay, first, the creep factor with the kidnapping almost did the book in for me. I have already read Captive in Dark and refused to read Truth, both of these books have similar themes in them. I tried to wrap my brain around it all the way through the book. I couldn’t grasp the love of this old hotel being the reason he kidnapped her. That being said, watching his attempts at redemption and winning her trust were entertaining. It was said in the book that she always thought he was attractive and therefore attracted to him. She battled with herself and her feelings regarding him through a lot of the book.

I won’t call this a sweet romance but they were happy by the end of the book. There was a little suspense, a lot of creepy, great love scenes once they got started and an HEA. The journey to get there was a little rough. I haven’t decided if I’ll read more of the series yet

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