Taken By Him by Red Garnier

 Taken by Him (The Billionaire's Club #2)

Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-None
Series-The Billionaire’s Club #2
Reviewed by Kay

This second installment in the Billionaire’s Club features the man-whore, Luke Alexander Preston and executive Peyton Lane. They both are on a hiatus from their regular lives. Luke, from sleeping with everything that moves and rehabbing from a gunshot wound. Peyton wanted a vacation so she could do something she has never done, have a fling with a man she’s not likely to run into in the circles she keeps.

She meets Luke after he runs into her literally. From there they are hyper aware of one another. A fling starts that will end in two or three days time with no strings attached. This story worked for me so much. It was funny, a little sad and a whole lot sexy. Very descriptive love scenes, a favorite of mine. This was a short read and there could’ve been more story but with this for some reason I didn’t care about that. I will definatley be reading the other books in this series and may go through the author’s backlist. This is on my best of 2013 list.

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