With This Collar by Sierra Cartwright

With This Collar (Mastered, #1)
Grade: B+
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: High Kink
Genre: Contemporary, BDSM

Series: Mastered #1

Reviewed by Kate
174 pages

When Julia attends her friend Lana’s wedding at a private residence, she is shocked to discover that the vows are quickly followed by a collaring ceremony. Lana is not just becoming a wife, but her husband’s slave as well. Julia and Lana have been friends since their girl-power college days and Julia can’t believe Lana would willingly submit to a man.

As Julia’s about to protest, fellow wedding attendee Marcus, a Dom, stops her. They talk after the ceremony and Marcus challenges Julia to submit to him for the night. Julia accepts his challenge as a way to understand her friend a bit better, and because she just can’t say “no” to Marcus. But one night is all she wants, her last boyfriend was a domineering jerk and Julia’s determined to stick to the nice guys from now on. Marcus has been in a 24/7 master/slave relationship that was too draining for him. He’s not looking for anything more than one night either.

One night turns into an every weekend relationship. When Marcus pushes for more, Julia runs. But can any of the nice guys measure up after Marcus?

Marcus came across as a bit arrogant in the beginning. But I suppose every good Dom must be a little arrogant and confident. I appreciated that he was the one looking for a more permanent relationship.

Julia is very strong and independent. She struggles with combining her independence and her new found enjoyment of submission. Her responses to Marcus made me laugh throughout the book. She may be submissive, but never a doormat.

The only negative I had happened right away at the beginning. Lana invited Julia to her wedding and simply warned her that it would be “a bit untraditional.” It seemed far-fetched to invite your vanilla friend to a collaring ceremony without more of a heads-up. Anything to get a newbie to the dungeon, I guess. Makes me wonder though-what other ways have you seen authors use to get a newbie into a dungeon?

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