Lover Undercover by Samanthe Beck

Lover Undercover
Hotness Level-Blaze
Kink Level-None
Series-Love Undercover #1
Reviewed by Kay

Kylie Roberts is a great twin sister. She’s such a great twin sister that she takes her sister, Stacy’s place as a stripper. Stacy broke her leg and can’t dance. Without Stacy’s income they can’t make their bills. Kylie manages to find a way to take off her clothes in front of strangers but still has an innocence to her.

Trevor McCade is a detective with the LAPD. He’s looking for a killer who is beating his victim’s to death around the strip club where Kylie is filling in for Stacy. He sees Kylie dancing and is instantly attracted to her. He thinks there’s a connection to Stacy. It’s her clients that are ending up dead.

Honestly, I love romantic suspense. Love, love , love it. I would actually say it’s probably my favorite romance genre to read. Love story and mystery together? Color me giddy as hell. This story had a lot of romantic suspense requirements: Good main couple, good secondary couple, decent mystery, secret identity and an HEA. But the love scenes, UGH! They started off almost off page and I thought, Um Hello! The author had me up until then. She has a good voice but after the fizzled love scenes, I just wanted to finish the book and be done.

3 thoughts on “Lover Undercover by Samanthe Beck

  1. I love my sister but I don't know that I could take her place on the pole. Sorry, Anne.


  2. Boy, am I glad to hear that, Anne. Did I mention the mortgage payment is due soon? *snicker*

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