Stranded with a Billionaire by Jessica Clare

Stranded with a Billionaire (Billionaire Boys Club, #1)
Grade: B
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: No Kink
Genre: Contemporary
Series: Billionaire Boys Club #1
Reviewed by Anne

So, there’s this billionaire (Logan) who doesn’t really do relationships.  He’s in a secret billionaires’ club. (The club is the secret, not their billionaire status.)  He buys a hotel and goes to visit it.  While he’s there a hurricane blows in.  He ends up stranded in a hotel elevator with a woman (Bronte) who giggles when scared (and the hurricane is scary!) Also, Bronte thinks he’s the hotel’s manager, not the owner. Logan’s never met a woman who didn’t know who he was.  And every woman who has known who he was has wanted him for his money.  So it’s very refreshing to him to spend time with someone who thinks he’s a regular guy and still likes him.
Logan falls for Bronte pretty quickly.  She’s falling for him as well, but is thrown for a loop when he reveals his billionaire status.  While she’s still reeling from that reveal, he also shows her he’s an ass.  And while he’s reveling in being an asshat, patting himself on the back for how lucky she must feel now that she knows he’s loaded…  Bronte takes action.  And her action really, really surprises Logan.  And the story takes off from there.  Logan is stumbling over all the problems having money has brought to his life.  Bronte is struggling with not being overwhelmed by Logan and all his bags of money.  It’s a romance, so it’s a given that these two will work things out, but *how* they work them out was delightful to read.  My favorite line sums it all up:

“I’m serious, Logan. I want to date like normal people. Not like a billionaire and the waitress he just bought.”

There were some weaknesses.  Honestly, I didn’t really get the significance of the super-secret billionaire’s club.  I’m not sure what exactly they did, and if what they did was legal or illegal.  There were times where Logan was downright stupid about their relationship. I wasn’t always happy with how Bronte handled things either.  But while I was reading it was very believable, and even looking back, it strikes me that this is pretty much what it would be like if *I* were dating a billionaire.  Seriously, I gave it some thought, and I hope I would handle things as well as Bronte!  So, despite some weaknesses, this was overall a very good book for me.  
Also, besides Logan and Bronte, there is plenty of sequel bait in Logan’s secret billionaire club.  The set up between the very scarred Hunter and Bronte’s writer friend have me itching to read the next book in this series.  I’m not a big billionaire book fan, but I really enjoyed this one!

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