Cowboy Heat by Sable Hunter

Cowboy Heat (Hell Yeah!, #1)
Grade: B+
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: No Kink
Genre: Contemporary,  Cowboy

Series: Hell Yeah! #1

Reviewed by Kate

Libby has been battling leukemia since she was a teenager. When it finally goes into remission, her doctor encourages her to spend time doing all the things she has missed out on. Living on a ranch, riding a horse, and sex are at the top of her list. An opportunity to fill in for the housekeeper at the Tebow Ranch opens up ad Libby jumps at it. After all, the Tebow Ranch is run by the sexy McCoy brothers. Maybe one of them will help her wth her pesky virginity problem.

Aron survived a short marriage that nearly tore his family apart at the seams. He has no wish to visit the altar again, but four years without sex is a long time. When he sees Libby for the first time the attraction is instant. The fact that she agrees to a temporary relationship is great, the sex even better.

I liked the strength and weaknesses of both Aron and Libby. I liked the closeness of Aron’s family. I liked the storylines that ran through the book. My only complaint was that the dirty talk sounded a bit pornish. When I finished this one I immediately started the next book in the series. Could there be a better recommendation?

2 thoughts on “Cowboy Heat by Sable Hunter

  1. And to think you were in before I mentioned Libby in the stock tank. I hope you enjoy this one.
    ~ Kate

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