Dirty Girls at RT

So…  Kay and I are going to our first RT Convention.  I started getting ready months ago, but the serious prep work started over the weekend.  There was the toenail painting.

Is there a more appropriate color for RT?
And here is the wardrobe planning.  I’m a bit of an organizer.

And, yes, I’m going to paint the wall behind my bed green.  Probably the shade in the lower right corner of the samples, if you’re wondering.  Yes I know that’s going to take a lot of coats to cover.  Whatever.

Our RT started Tuesday with the Blogger Conference run by Smart Bitch Sarah and Dear Author’s Jane.  We learned a LOT and have some great ideas for things to come.  Here’s me (Anne) before the Blogger Con started:

No, really, that’s my super excited face.  The whole hotel is covered in huge posters.  I wanted one to text to my husband, so I picked one without mantitty.

As part of the blogger conference we were lucky enough to chat with a few authors who came in for a cocktail party.  You guys!  I met Shannon Stacey!  I tried really hard not to stalk her around the room all night, but I might have been just a little creepy.  I also got to meet Jaci Burton and Vivian Arrend.  All are authors I enjoy, and all were very nice.  And I really wanted to take pictures, but I was trying to play it cool.  You know, it was a cocktail party.  Now I SO regret not asking them to take pictures with me.

We were lucky enough to be around Tuesday night for the early registration for the official RT convention.  Here is the line we waited in:

Thankfully, the line moved SUPER fast and check in was very simple.  It looked like it was not as easy today.

Wednesday morning started with an RT Virgins panel for first timers like us, followed by a welcome breakfast.  Then we got into the sessions.  I Pimped My Badge and won a bag full of swag from some awesome authors.  Z.A. Maxfield, Trixie Stilletto, and Beth Kery are now on my must try list. 

Then it was on to Erotic Romance Mad Libs, which was hilarious fun!  Participants teamed up to do a Mad Libs version of back cover blurbs.  Lexxie Couper was so funny in person that I really want to try something she’s written.  Actually, the whole group of authors looked like they’d be really fun to hang around with.  We won awesome swag and laughed a LOT.  Best moment?  When a line from an author’s actual blurb was mistaken for a mad lib.  Of course, Lexxie Couper acting out the mad libs ranks right up there, too. 

Finally, Kay and I attended a session together.  It was a session geared toward aspiring or current erotica authors, but we attended because we simple wanted to be in the same room with Jaci Burton, Lauren Dane, and Sylvia Day.  Eden Bradley, who we haven’t read was also on the panel, but we both agreed we really want to try a book by her now!

After the erotica session I was able to find some Kallypso Masters swag.  Kate couldn’t come to RT, but I asked her for a list of who she might want swag from.  So I picked up this really cool fan, along with a pen and button and bookmarks.  I was walking away grinning from ear to ear when someone asked “Would you like me to sign that?” OMG!  It was Kallypso Masters!  And she is AWESOME.  I told her about Kate.  I mentioned the blog.  She told us to get more swag and we’re going to try to get together with her later in the week to get some books to giveaway here.  What a cool lady.  Here’s me and Kallypso. 


There was some really entertaining swag and author displays to check out! 

Read a Book, Ride a Cowboy!  I think Beth Williams is someone I could like!
This one make me think of Kate.
We got some free books, but also saw signs like this one letting us know about free ebooks available.  (Playing Doctor by Julie Rowe is free on Amazon this week!)
One of the funny moments of the day.  Kay says, “Janyne Rylon’s giving me a breath mint.  I don’t really know what of make of that.”

Our final session of the day was Romance Reader Apples to Apples, where we won books and came up with adjective/noun combos like “furry mons” and “sticky kiss.”  It was very fun and funny!

There were two evening parties, Rosie Gulch’s Saloon and The Ellora’s Cave Bad Girls of Romance Disco Inferno. The saloon event gave us a chance to get acquainted with some historical authors, but my favorite part was the shot glass desserts the were incredibly yummy!  I also had a great conversation with the aspiring author who sat next to me.  Wouldn’t it be great if I could give you her name?  Well, I’d have to did her card out of my bag and I’m way too tired for that.  But she was awesome, she’s got a great book idea, and she’s got a kiddo with some of the same issues as one of mine, which made for some GREAT conversation!

The Disco Event was everything I imagined and more.  We walked in to find mini lava lamps as take home swag!  There were also calendars featuring Ellora’s Cavemen and Disco Ball Key chains.  My tweenager needs a calendar.  While this one would surely entertain her, it would also have her exclaiming “That’s inappropriate!”  So, alas, she won’t be getting any passed down swag from mom.

This is a wide shot of how big the disco set up was!  You can see some of the mini lava lamps on the tables, too.  Each attendee also got this awesome black sequined hat that Kay is sporting here:

We called it a night after the author introductions and the Ellora’s cavmen (and woman) danced to some Disco tunes for our enjoyment.  (And I totally called their impending shirt removal, but was wrong about the pants, which did stay on.) 

Bags of swag.

I’ll try to do a better job of taking pictures tomorrow.  It was an incredible day. I have a HUGE amount of swag and free books.  I can’t wait to dive into it all.  It almost makes me want to skip tomorrow so I can just sit and read.   Except that tomorrow I get to meet some favorite authors in the RT Cafe (Anne Calhoun, Delphine Dryden, Ruthie Knox, Cara McKenna, and Heidi Cullinan I’m coming to see you!)  I’m also excited about the Erotica Author Chat (Maya Banks, Jaci Burton, Lauren Dane, and Sylvia Day!), the All Tied Up: BDSM Romance panel, and the Romance Pride: Over the Rainbow Party.

So, are you at RT?  What has been your favorite part?  If you aren’t at RT, what’s the one thing you’d want to do most if you were here?

One thought on “Dirty Girls at RT

  1. So as Anne and Kay were at the convention yesterday I was sitting at home with my tempermental 3 year old…telling myself that I wasn't missing out on much. Some free chapstick and pins and breath mints. Meh. Who needs it, right? Besides I don't like big crowds anyway. But now, after reading Anne's post, I am contending with a seriously huge case of convention-goer envy. Because I totally would have fought my way through a crowd to meet Kallypso Masters. Sigh. Maybe next time.

    ~Kate(a very bummed Kate)

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