Master of the Mountain by Cherise Sinclair

Master of the Mountain (Mountain Masters, #1)
Grade: A
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: Medium Kink
Genre: Contemporary, BDSM
Series: Mountain Masters #1
Reviewed by Kate

Rebecca’s boyfriend can check off every item on her perfect-boyfriend list, but maybe one of those checks should have read “sexually compatible.”  Despite a lack luster bedroom life, Rebecca is determine to make the relationship work.  When he suggests she join him on a weekend vacation with his swingers group (a group she didn’t know about), she reluctantly agrees to give it a try.  She quickly decides the swinging lifestyle is not for her.  She actually finds herself drawn to lodge owner Logan and his dominant ways.  He doesn’t meet any of the requirements on her list, but he’s strong and assertive and makes her feel comfortable and safe.

Logan has been plagued by horrible nightmares since he returned from the war.  His brother has the scar to prove that it’s not safe for Logan to fall asleep around anyone.  So Logan knows his relationship with Rebecca will only last until the end of the weekend.  Despite the limited time frame, he wants to help Rebecca explore her submissive nature.

This was the first BDSM romance I read and I loved it.  It is not terribly intense as far as the BDSM goes.  Commands, restraints, and some anal play.  No intense pain in this one.  I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading BDSM without a focus on pain or anyone new to the BDSM romance world.

4 thoughts on “Master of the Mountain by Cherise Sinclair

  1. I liked it ok, but not the clamps. The swinging part skeeved me out pretty bad also. You know it's not my sub-genre (no pun intended) but I enjoyed the author's voice quite a bit. I wish she would write something a little more me but I'm selfish like that. Thanks to you and Anne for the suggestion.


  2. She does have a menage shifter series, no BDSM. Not my favorite work of hers, but it still was good.


  3. I've read several Cherise Sinclair books, but I hadn't read this one until last week. I can see why it's a favorite of yours, Kate. I really liked it, too. I was bothered by how quickly Rebecca moved from a relationship with her boyfriend Matt onto a fling/relationship with Logan. But Matt was a douche and apparently they had an open relationship, so I was able to forgive and move on. I really liked how strong and smart Rebecca was. (Well, she was smart most of the time. That whole wandering in the woods thing was pretty TSTL) I don't want to give anything away about the ending, but I really liked what Rebecca was doing. Smart. ~Anne

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