Loving an Ugly Beast by Danielle Monsch

Loving an Ugly Beast (Fairy Tales & Ever Afters)
Grade: C+
Hotness Level: Blaze
Kink Level: No Kink
Genre: Fairytale/Historical

Reviewed by Anne

Benton is big and strong, but he’s covered with scars, so he’s known as the beast of his village.  Nissa is his best friend.  They secretly each like the other, but lack the confidence to make a move.  When a fairy godmother shows up and grants Benton’s wish to be more beautiful, how will things work out?
First off, what a great premise!  It’s pretty rare to read about a man who thinks he’s unworthy of a woman because of his looks!  I enjoyed seeing this cliche turned on its ear.  Second, this is a mid-evil set fairytale village.  I enjoy this kind of setting, and I really wanted to enjoy the book.
My biggest complaint is the modernisms that kept pulling me out of the story.  At one point they talk about having enough money to “keep your son in diapers.”  That didn’t make sense to me. They would have been using cloth diapers.  Expense wasn’t as much an issue as the time it took to wash them, I’d think.  Another time we see this line “Why is it always good for the man but a crapshoot for the woman?”  Crapshoot?  That seems like a more modern casino term to me.  I don’t know.  I’m not an expert.  Maybe I was being too picky, but little stuff like this kept pulling me out of the story.  That was disappointing!  It had a lot of promise.
Because of that promise, and because it was funny, and because I like fairytale romance, I’ll probably try another one by this author, but it’s borderline for me.

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