Bonds of Need by Lynda Aicher

Bonds of Need (Wicked Play, #2)
Grade: B
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: BDSM, high kink
Genre: Contemporary, BDSM

Series: Wicked Play #2
Reviewed by Kate

Kendra, a masochist, has escaped an abusive relationship with her self-esteem in tatters and has decided to never give someone the power to hurt her like that again.  That means she will ignore her sexual desires and needs instead.  But when she attends an open night at a sex club (as a way to prove to herself that she no longer needs the pain), she realizes she can’t bury her needs forever.  Deklan, co-owner of the sex club, has met Kendra before, but when he sees her at the club he thinks he might be able to help her accept her needs.  And Deklan is always a giver and helper.  Deklan and Kendra enter into a two month Dom/sub contract, but both make discoveries about themselves that change everything.
This book was a little more intense, pain-wise, than most other BDSMs that I have read.  A masochist as a heroine was a new experience for me and I enjoyed Kendra’s character a lot.  She is a strong woman who has lost herself and is fighting to get back to some sort of normal.  Deklan is a wounded hero who has failed to help too many times in the past.  He struggles with allowing Kendra to find her own way, not helping too much.  I loved watching Kendra and Deklan change during the course of their contract.  I look forward to reading more of this series (the first book is now added to my TBR list) and more by this author.

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