Once Tempted by Laura Moore

Once Tempted: A Silver Creek Novel
Hotness Level-Blaze
Kink Level-None
Series-Silver Creek #1
Reviewed by Kay

Tess Casari was swept off of her feet into a whirlwind romance and marriage. Less than six months later, she was a estranged widow. Distraught and terribly insecure she plays pin-the-tail-on-the-location and moves to start fresh.

Ward Knowles is a ranch at his family’s vacation ranch. He’s kind of sullen and somber. He has had his own share of disappointment in the love department. His ex-fiancee dumped him for what she thought was something more.

When Tess starts working at the ranch, she immediately dislikes him despite her attraction to him. Ward doesn’t dislike her but is cautious regarding his attraction to her. They play a cat and mouse game with each other and their feelings. As the relationship grows, they each learn more about the other and their secrets.

The story was okay but nothing special. I felt bored throughout most of it and had to force myself to finish it. This was my first novel by this author. It was hard to connect totally with the characters. I pitied Tess for the tragedy she went through with her deceased husband and his family. It ended nicely which was a plus. There were love scenes but they were too tame for me. This would probably be a good read for someone who likes a more tame and/or sedate love story.

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