Most Likely to Succeed by Katie Davies

Most Likely to Succeed (Girls Most Likely to..., #1)
Grade: C
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: No Kink
Genre: Contemporary, Novella
Series: Girl Most Likely to… #1
Reviewed by: Anne

Kelsey and Nathan were lab partners back in high school.  Despite having feelings for each other, they never acted on them and lost touch once college rolled around.  Because of this, Nathan doesn’t know that Kelsey didn’t end up going to college.  Instead, when her mother fell ill, she helped out in her mother’s flower shop and ended up staying there.  Now it’s class reunion time and Kelsey is ashamed to have her brilliant lab partner discover what she’s been doing.
Thankfully (for me, hater of BIG SECRETS) this big secret isn’t a secret for long.  That was a point in the story’s favor.  Unfortunately, it really took a while for this one to be enjoyable for me.  The first half of my copy of the novella is full of bookmarks with comments from me like:
“Wow, that’s an odd thing to do after years apart.”
“Hero seems to be a saint with no flaws.”
“Answers the door in a towel.  Really?”
“Awfully touchy with a stranger.”
The book also has one of my personal pet peeves… sex on top of the hotel comforter.  I just don’t trust that that those are washed every time!  PLEASE, fold back the comforter and have sex on the sheets!
Once I got past the midpoint of the book (and ignored the comforter sex) the story really grew on me.  Nathan is pretty perfect, but he makes some very real mistakes with Kelsey and things get kind of messy.  That was believable to me and I enjoyed seeing the two of them work through it.  By the end of the novella, I wanted it to be longer.  I wanted to see more of Kelsey’s transformation.
Interestingly, it looks like the books in this series (I’m going to guess there will be 3) are all taking place during the same 4 days of the high school reunion.  There were enough teasers to really make me want to read the second book, Cutest Couple, which comes out in April.  So, my overall grade is a C, but it’s a hopeful C.

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