Come Away With Me by Kristen Proby

Come Away With Me (With Me in Seattle, #1)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-None
Series-With Me In Seattle #1
Reviewed by Kay

Luke Williams is a former actor turned producer who just wants to live his life without the paparazzi hounding his every move. He left Hollywood and moved to the Seattle area, near his parents. He keeps to himself pretty much and enjoys that.

Natalie Connor is a photographer who takes pictures of nature for the most part. She does do couple photos that can be considered erotic. She lives with her roommate, Jules. She is contented in her life as well.

These two characters meet when Luke assumes Natalie is trying to take his picture. Natalie thinks Luke is trying to mug her. They part ways and run into each other the next day at a local shop and from there, a romance is born.

I liked the story but felt it dragged in the middle. Luke was all in and that’s always a sexy quality in a hero. Natalie was a good heroine too. She had made mistakes in her past and had tried to move on from them. It was predictable but I was very okay with that. I loved that, at their wedding, Luke had two chairs decorated with her deceased parents’ favorite flowers in their honor. My eyes got very teary at that scene.

I will probably read more of this series but I wish there had been a little less sex. I know, I know, I can hardly believe I said that either. This book had copious amounts of sex in it. It was hot but gratuitous. Oh, and I LOVE the cover. Very sexy!

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