Cajun Hot by Nikita Black

Cajun Hot
Grade – D
Hotness Level – Inferno
Kink Level – Mild Kink

Genre – Contemporary
Reviewed by Kate

Sahara gets lost in the bayou trying to get pictures of a rare orchid. She is found by brothers Jacque and Quint and taken back to Jacque’s small bayou home. Sahara and Jacque fall into instant lust, but can there be more?

After growing up in extreme poverty, Sahara is determined to become rich as an adult. Jacque has made millions but hides that fact from Sahara. He is looking for a woman who will love him enough that she would be willing to live in the bayou with him.

This one was a bit of a train wreck…I didn’t like what I was reading but I couldn’t put it down. When Jacque and Quint get Sahara home after rescuing her, a bit of a threesome happens. ‘A bit?’ you ask. Yeah, I’m going to go with ‘a bit.’ See, Quint’s wife storms in and puts a stop to things before the three can take the… final plunge. But enough has already happened to make me feel squicky about it all. Sahara never knew that Quint was married, but sleazy Jacque – and obviously Quint – knew.

Missing the only bus leaving for days, Sahara agrees to stay with Jacque. A strange half naked, bayou style shotgun wedding later, and Sahara seems to be well and truly stuck with Jacque. Still wanting to leave, each escape attempt is thwarted by the bayou folk loyal to Jacque, who finally chains her to his bed. And between all of the attempts, what is poor little Sahara to do? Why enjoy all the hot sex that Jacque can provide, of course.

I’m still baffled by this book.

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