BB Dalton by Cat Johnson

BB Dalton (Red, Hot & Blue Bonus Read)

Hotness Level-Blaze
Kink Level-None
Series-Red, Hot & Blue #3.5
Reviewed by Kay

This is a very short read. More of a short story than a novella.

BB Dalton is a Navy SEAL. His real name is William Robert Dalton. You guessed it…BB is short for Billy Bob. He was an underwear model in his life before the military.

Katie Jorgenson is an advertising executive, I think. She’s in charge of a project that will help recruiting for the military, supposedly. She has chosen BB to be the poster child of this project.

Despite his wishes not to be a part of this, BB and Katie start touring after BB gets his pictures taken. The two become close after spending this time together. Katie is very concerned with the age difference, as she is eleven years his senior. BB could care less about the difference in their ages. Katie fights her attraction but does relent eventually and really, who could blame her.

This is a semi-steamy short story that can be finished in one sitting. I had been wanting and waiting to read a Cat Johnson story for a while. I liked it but I thought it would’ve been hotter.

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