Raphael/Parish by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright

Raphael/Parish (Bayou Heat, #1-2)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-None
Series-Bayou Heat #1
Reviewed by Kay

These joined novellas start a co-authored series by Alexandra Ivy (Guardians of Eternity series) and Laura Wright (Mark of the Vampire series). Ivy wrote the first novella and Wright the second one. Raphael is a Pantera puma shifter and Ashe is an abused and neglected girl from town that has spent most of her life caring for her alcoholic mother. The two met when she came to the Cougar’s Den bar to pay off her mother’s tab. They have sex, Raphael takes away her memories about that night and Ashe realizes six weeks later she’s pregnant.

Raphael can’t seem to find her but he can smell she’s pregnant and that’s a huge thing because Panteras have been infertile for the most part. He hunts her down and kidnaps her to protect her from people who want to harm her and the baby. She is hesitant at first but she knows she’s in love with him, so she just goes with it.

Parish is a Hunter for the Pantera and also a puma shifter. He’s sent to get Ashe a doctor to care for her until the baby arrives. Parish also hates humans as one was responsible for his sister’s death years before. He sees Julia and falls for her instantly, which is humorous to his fellow Panteras. They kind tease him about it. Julia had just lost her job, her home and her boyfriend before Parish kidnaps her. She not only has to come to grips with her captors but also face the fact that the boyfriend she lost wasn’t really anything to lose. She bonds with Parish instantly and their love grows quickly. Ashe is attacked and that’s the cliffhanger for the next story.

I love Alexandra Ivy and read her Guardians series and I have read Laura Wright also and enjoyed her but this just didn’t click for me. It was hot which I love and appreciate in my paranormal books but that was about it. This review is, as always, just my opinion but I don’t think I’ll read anymore in this series. I’m very picky about my paranormal, so perhaps I’m overly critical. Both of these authors are absolutely fabulous and I am disappointed that I didn’t enjoy the stories.

3 thoughts on “Raphael/Parish by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright

  1. Now I actually liked this book. I would give it a B. The paranormal romance is more fantasy for me. So if he can smell that she's pregnant, then I can totally buy the suddeness of the relationships…must be related to some little kitty pheremones or something, right? I liked Parish and Julia's story a bit more than Raphael and Ashe's. I think some of it had to do with the ribbing that Parish receives from his…would they be pack mates, litter mates…fellow shifters.

    My only critisism would be the cliff hanger ending. I hate cliff hanger endings unless the next book is available…which is not the case here. I look forward to the next installment though.


  2. UGGGG……Book was really good and my only complant is that their should be another book…IS thier gonna be another book please tell me yes or is that the way it is with short stories?

  3. Goodreads shows another book – and it looks like another 2 short stories book – coming out April 15th of this year, and another later this year. ~Anne

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