Shades Of Gray by Maya Banks

Shades of Gray (KGI, #6)
Hotness Level-Blaze
Kink Level-None
Series-KGI #6
Reviewed by Kay

This novel is the story of Cole and PJ, and I, like other readers of this series, have been waiting a long time for it. Cole and PJ are snipers for the KGI team. KGI is a black ops type of organization. It is family oriented but they do have non family members within the organization. The book starts out with Cole showing up in the bar in Denver that PJ hangs out in between missions. They have some tequila shots and decide to act on their simmering attraction to one another. The next morning they both get a call that their team is meeting for their next assignment. At the meeting it is decided that PJ will go undercover as semi bait for a human trafficker. No one likes the situation at all, especially Cole, since he’s already admitted to himself that he’s in love with PJ, and has been for some time.

During the mission, something goes horribly wrong and PJ is brutally raped and physically scarred. What makes this so terrible is that her whole team hears everything that happened to her. She resigns the team and disappears for six months, while her teammates and KGI desperately look for her. But let’s not forget, PJ knows how to disappear and go off the grid. She tracks down 3 of the 4 men who were at her rape. She killed the guards who watched but didn’t participate first. Then she killed one of her rapists and that just leaves the boss.

Finally her team tracks her down and decides to help her find the other man. She doesn’t want this but agrees to it. Vengeance is her sole focus and she doesn’t want to involve KGI. She and Cole reconnect and their relationship grows more intense by the day.

I anticipated this book for so long and I’m thrilled it was all I expected. I was a little concerned that she might do a little paranormal in this one the way she had the last two. I read both of those books and thought she might have honestly ruined the series for me. This book was a total redemption for the series in my opinion. I love the vigilante part and the closeness of her team. She had several things deal with and I thought they were handled well. It wasn’t hot after the one and only sex scene and understandably so. I didn’t miss that as I was transfixed on how the rest of the story played out. I know it’s $7.99 but it is truly worth every penny. I got my copy from the library since I was wary because of the last two books, but the KGI series is back to being an auto-buy for me.

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