All Over You by Emily Snow

All Over You (Devoured, #0.5)
Hotness Level-Blaze
Kink Level-Low
Series-Devoured #0.5
Reviewed by Kay

This is the prequel to Emily Snow’s Devoured series. It is about the events that led up to the night Lucas and Sienna almost shared together. Lucas is a rock star and Sienna is the wardrobe assistant at the video shoot for his band. He sees her and decides he must have her. No matter what. He pursues her and she finally gives into his invitation to dinner.

Sienna is a shy and kind person. Almost too soft hearted if you ask me. She tried to rebuff Lucas but to no avail. She was just in awe and over her head where Lucas was concerned. He takes her to his house where they have dinner and then the seduction starts. Sienna is right there with him the whole way until he brings out the handcuffs. She refuses and all bets are off now. He throws her out and that ends the story pretty much.

I liked having the prequel to read even if I read it after the first book. It filled in the blanks a little bit. I would recommend this story and the first book in the series. Good reads. Can’t wait for book three.

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