Naked by Megan Hart

Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-None
Series-Alex Kennedy #2
Reviewed by Kay

Alex Kennedy is a successful business man who falls in love with Olivia Mackey. Olivia is a photographer. Alex is wealthy and Olivia is average I would say as regards to her career. Both characters are described as beautiful people on the outside but deeply scarred on the inside.

I gave this an average rating because it was hard for me to put down how I felt about it. Alex is what I would describe as a bisexual. He has at least two encounters with different men in the beginning of this book. He meets Olivia at a holiday party of one of his ex-lover’s homes. Olivia finds him attractive but sees one of his liaisons in action. See, Olivia’s ex-fiancee is gay. The wedding was cancelled and Olivia was made out to be the bad guy. She was totally fooled by him and it broke her heart. She has managed to stay friends with him for years. Alex is kind of a force of nature and for part of the book a total jerk.

I liked some parts of the book a lot. It was just different from the other romance novels I read. Megan Hart reminds me of a mix of Jaci Burton and Jodi Picoult. Both of these women are fantastic authors but I prefer to read romance without a lot of sorrow and suffering. Alex had a previous relationship with a married couple which I didn’t care for. Olivia tries to decide what religion she wants to embrace, what her status is in her child’s life is and the concerns that come from being in an inter-racial romance. All in all this is a good book but just not my cup of tea.

One thought on “Naked by Megan Hart

  1. Kay, this is why I'm not on the Megan Hart bandwagon yet. I read for escape. I've heard that her writing is very good and hard to put down, but more realistic than what I normally read in that there is a lot of relatable pain and uncomfortableness. I think I'll try her some day, but for now it's the lighter and less realistic stuff for me!

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