Let Me Be The One by Bella Andre

Let Me Be The One (The Sullivans, #6)
Hotness Level-Blaze
Kink Level-None
Series-The Sullivans #6
Reviewed by Kay

Ryan Sullivan and Vicki Bennett have been best friends since their sophomore year of high school.
Even with Vicki being a military brat and moving a lot they’ve kept in touch. Vicki is a sculptor and Ryan, a professional pitcher in the major leagues. So they are polar opposites and have been in love with each other for years. This story begins with a panicked message from Vicki to Ryan. When he gets to her she has a situation with a colleague who is making unwanted advancements. Normally, she’d just shut it down but he has a little power over her career so she has to tread lightly.

Ryan steps in and pretends to be her boyfriend in hopes this will scare the man off. This pretending kind of goes crazy and out of control. I thought the premise was cute and I liked the heroine. I also enjoyed reading about the other Sullivans. I didn’t care for Ryan’s character. He had moments where he was forceful but then he was very beta in his pursuit of her. So that was a big turn off for me. I love Bella Andre and the Sullivans. This book will not make me turn away from either of them but it wasn’t her best book in this series.

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