Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here by Heather Long

Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here (1 Night Stand, Always a Marine, #2)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-Low
Series-1 Night Stand, Always A Marine #2
Reviewed by Kay

This is the second installment in a short story series. It involves Jazz, Logan and Zach. Logan and Zach do a favor for a friend of theirs. Jazz wants to feel girlie since she is always around alpha males and some of those males have to report to her. She has a spa day and then goes to basically an escort service where she meets Logan and Zach.

Logan was injured while on deployment and discharged on permanent disability. His injuries are severe enough he fears he may be emasculated for the rest of his life. Zach just wants his best friend back but if he gets to have sex with a hot girl in the process, hell yeah.

It really was kind of a sweet story in that Logan’s fear of rejection was dealt with. Also through Zach’s desire to see his friend whole again. I was grateful for no I love yous with this story, just an agreement that they would get together on her next leave. Whether I’d read more in the series remains to be seen.

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