Breaking Brodix by Anne Rainey

Breaking Brodix (Blackwater, #3)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-Low
Series-Blackwater #3
Reviewed by Kay

Brodix is one of the Jennings brothers of Blackwater. He’s the financial guy, helping with the Grand Opening of the family restaurant. He and his brothers have privacy issues with their lives prior to adoption by the Jennings family.

Sarah Greer is a divorced reporter in their small town and she’s trying to live down a lead who gave her false info she went to print with. She wanted to do a human interest story on the Jennings’ and hopes it will help with increasing profits at the restaurant.

Brodix agrees she can interview him and him only. They go have dinner and then sex at his house. Feel a little rushed with the way I’m reviewing it? I felt that way when I was reading it. This wasn’t a bad story just a short one and short love stories are very rushed. I really like the series and am awaiting the next one.

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