Elf 2014 – Elf and Sarah with the jacket

“I’ll suit up, Sarah, and we can out for a night on the town, ” Elf decides.  He excuses himself to the restroom to do a little primping before they head out.  When he come back out to meet Sarah he takes her breath away!

“Oh, Elfie!  You fill out that suit like no one else I’ve ever seen before!  And that hat!  Oh, Elfie, take me now!”

19 sarah wall

After Sarah and Elf finish up their quickie wall bang, Sarah says, “Elf, that was incredible!  Would you like to try another round?  I’ve still got those costumes or the nibblers we could play with!”

Click on Elf’s answer:



No, thanks, I’m going to head back to the party.

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