The Bossman by Renee Rose

Grade: D+
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: Moderate Kink
Genre: Contemporary
Published: 3/08/14
Reviewed by Kate
114 pages

Sophie’s dad was a member of the mob and was killed when she was younger. Since then, she’s gone out of her way to avoid getting involved with the family again. But all of that changes when her car is about to be repossessed and the mob boss’ younger brother, Joey steps in and pays off the loan for her. Joey’s always been happy to stay in his older brother’s shadows and keep his hands clean. But can he ever have Sophie when she wants nothing to do with the family?

This one was a head shaker for me. First, I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan of mafia romance (this was my first mafia romance read) and, admittedly, I know very little about the mafia. Secondly, for not wanting to get involved in the family, Sophie was very quick to jump into bed with Joey and by the end of the second date she was ordering spanking implements for him?! Not to mention Joey doesn’t really seem to get off on spanking Sophie, yet he knows that’s what she really needs (yes, knows this by the 2nd date). Apparently mind reading ability comes along with your mafia membership card. And last, the ending seemed a little too easy. It’s presented as happily ever after, but I just can’t see it staying that way for long.

If the mafia romance angle sounds intriguing to you it may be worth a read, but for me, I don’t think I’ll be reading any more mafia romance. 

Has anyone else read a mafia romance? What did you think? Good, bad, indifferent?

Taken By The Hero by Stella Rose

Taken by the Hero (Taken to the Edge)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-Mild Kink
Series-Taken to the Edge
Reviewed by Kay
30 pages

I wanted something short and sweet and got this instead. This was a teaser to what I assume is an on-going story line. I blame myself for not reasearching this more but it was a freebie, so I thought what the hell.

Mercy Martin has wanted Hunter Green, yes that’s his name and yes I did giggle, since she was twelve. He has been her brother’s best friend for her whole life. When he gets back from his tours in the Middle East, she figures it’s time for him to notice her and she throws herself at him.

Hunter Green, giggle, notices her alright. He sees she’s all grown up but two important things stop him from taking what she’s offering. First, she’s his best friend’s sister and he has desires he’s sure will make her uncomfortable. He does engage in some fondling and kissing in public though. Three different times where anyone could see them and twice within view of her parents.

I’m not saying the sex in the book was boring because that was the best part of this story. But seriously, who has sex where their brother or parents could see? Ewww, gross. Not to mention, who would you call to bail you out if you got arrested for indecent exposure? There were a couple of other things that bothered me with this story. It seemed like it almost scene jumped without warning. Also, it talks about him being a Marine and two sentences later she sees his picture with his Navy uniform on. I know you can serve in different branches of the military but I don’t recall a mention of any Navy service.

I might in the future try to read something else by this author but I want something with a little more chemistry between the characters and more consistency with the writing.

Married To The Trillionaires by Ella Mansfield

Married to the Trillionaires (Menage for Mankind, #1)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-Mild Kink
Series-Menage For Mankind #1
Genre-Futuristic Menage
Reviewed by Kate
95 pages
*Warning: the following review contains spoilers*
In the future…April has been raised in a “religious” community, where things have continued much as they are today. Namely, women are giving birth to babies. Outside of these isolated religious communites, women are done with the pain of child birth. Eggs are painlessly harvested and fertilized. Unfortunately, no one realized that more boys would be born than girls and that the girls would be born frail and weak and worst of all-*gasp*-sterile. So it turns out that the girls from the religious communities are in high demand. And that their parents are greedy enough to auction the girls off to the highest bidders (yes, that’s right, bidders-plural). After all, who else is going to repopulate the earth?
April’s father is looking to get remarried and has decided that the best way to get the money he needs for his new life is to auction April off. Although he is kind enough to set some restrictions. She can only be sold to a group of four or less men (bless his heart, five men just might have been too overwhelming for the little virgin) and that she must actually be married to one of them.
Bill, John, David, and Steve decide to pool their money together so they can purchase April. Then they set up a very formal business arrangement, contract and all. April will live with Bill (since he is putting in more money to start with-at least I’m pretty sure that’s why) and he will provide for her. Each of the other 3 men will get one hour with April every night. That’s right, every night. Any daughters that are born will be sold at auction with the proceeds divided between the men.
They buy April and proceed to pass her around that first night. Bill is nice enough to hire a masseuse for April the next morning, because he wants her to be ready for the night. They send her from one room to the other, night after night. And April is completely okay with it. Mainly because Bill has a hired chef who serves her shrimp and lobster and other dishes that she’s never had before.
They’re all starting to fall for each other and everything goes well. The men decide to update their contract to say that they will not auction off their daughters and will let them choose who they wish to marry. But before the new contract is even signed, April hears that’s it’s not uncommon for the daughters of their kind of arrangement to be auctioned off and she discovers the original contract that the men had signed. So she runs away (what else is a heroine who, up to this point, has been spineless supposed to do?). Of course, she ends up pregnant and, of course, the men find her shortly before she delivers. And everybody is happy once again.
I really was looking forward to reading this one. I love futuristic menages. But this one went wrong for me right off the bat. April is so meek. She never complains when her dad tells her he’s auctioning her off. And once the men buy her, there’s not ever a period of time when she is upset about it. Then you have the men. I just couldn’t get past the fact that they were so business about it. They started off as asses and never really changed throughout the story.
The sex scenes were plentiful. After all, the poor girl had 4 men to please each night. And I suppose they could be considered hot, although for me the formulaic approach that April had to take (first Bill, then John, then David, then Steve, and finally back to Bill) made everything feel so cold. Nothing was ever spontaneous.
The only positive I can give this one is that it is short. But if I were you, I wouldn’t waste my time.