Elf 2014 – Elf is the bread

“Gee, Ari, I was really just hoping to help Erica live out her dream of having a man like you and an elf like me at the same time!  ” Elf said.

“That’s fine, Elf, let’s show her a good time!”

05 efm


After making all Erica’s dreams come true, Ari asks, “Well, Elf, you are something special!  Now that we’ve spent some time together, I’ve got a gift to give to you.  Do you want it?”  What does Elf say???  Click below to answer.


No, thanks, I’m ready for a different adventure.

 If the links aren’t working yet, don’t worry, they’ll be available soon.  Until then, check out the Elf on the Dirty Girls’ Shelf from this year so far and the years past!

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