Banner O’Brien by Linda Lael Miller

Grade: B+
Hotness Level: Blaze
Kink Level: No Kink
Genre: Historical
Series: The Corbins #1
Published: 1991
Reviewed by Kate
310 pages

Linda Lael Miller takes us back to Washington Territory 1886 in a book that brought back many fond “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” memories with a large dose of hunky man doctor thrown in.  What a delicious read!

After divorcing her abusive and unfaithful husband, Banner O’Brien does an almost unheard of thing-she becomes a doctor.  When she discovers that her ex is back in town, she takes the first offer she gets and heads to the Washington territory to take over for an injured doctor.  One of the first people she meets is Adam Corbin, hunky, sexy doctor extrodinaire.  This one is filled with all the romance I’ve come to expect from Linda Lael Miller and more.  Adam has his own secrets that he’s keeping and in the beginning they frustrated me.  What were they and why couldn’t he share? But when the big reveal happened…I understood and the book became all the better.

This was the perfect book at the perfect time.  If you liked Dr. Quinn but always wished her relationship with Sully was more steamy, this is the book for you.  Do you have any TV shows you’d like to see recreated in a romance?

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